Issues of Production of Solar Mods and Installations

Although a hands-on examination of an actual scratch, pre-existing damage, is required to conclusively determine the cause, there are several commonly occurring trends. Listed below are some of the more frequent causes of scratched solars.

  1. As stated above, solar mods being delivered to the site with scratches are rare, but this does exist.
  2. Scratches can be caused by lathing wire being dragged across the glass during the installation of lathing wire and black paper.
  3. Unqualified Solar Mod Cleaners can scratch mods by not using proven Mod Cleaning techniques to remove debris safely.
  4. The most devastating occurrence of damaging Solar Mods is when homeowners or property maintenance personnel clean them with unfiltered hose water. Some solar companies even tell their clients to rinse them down with unfiltered hose water. Unfiltered hose water generally contains minerals that will build up hard water staining on the mod surface.

Hot spots

One of the most common problems affecting solar panels is the occurence of hot spots. They can degrade the performance of your panels and sometimes be irreparable. They can be caused by several things including partial shading or soiling (the panels accumulating dirt), so you should try to mitigate these circumstances to protect your panels. Other times, the underlying cause may be different, so again, you should contact a professional.


These tiny cracks on your solar panels can hardly be seen by the naked eye, however, with time and due to weather conditions, they can become more prominent. This is why it is very important that you have your panels set up by trustworthy professionals who will handle both the shipping and installation with utmost care. Unfortunately, these micro-cracks can appear even after installation, due to snow or wind. All we can do about this is wait for manufacturers to develop solutions that will make the panels more resistant and durable. Solar panels do vary and some are more susceptible to this than others.

Applicators we use when cleaning regular solar mod glass are as follows:

Water Fed Pole Cleaning:

If you’re ready to see your mods sparkle with the latest technology and with safety in mind, we use the state of the art, Water Fed Pole Mod Cleaning equipment today. No longer do you have to worry about how we will reach mods higher than your tallest ladders or ladders in general unless they are on a flat roof or hard to get area.

Water Fed Pole works through a purified water 3 stage filtration system called RO/DI is used. Once the water dries, there are no spots left behind on the glass. The purified water has had all impurities removed so that spots and streaks are a thing of the past. (It is a lot like taking your car thru a car wash that has a spot free rinse cycle) We scrub the mod with a brush (made of nylon that does not scratch) attached to the end of a pole and then rinse. No more wasted time squeegeeing each mod after you clean it.

Water Fed Pole brushes are unique with longer outer nylon or horse hair bristles that splay as you clean to help reach into corners. The brush features two to four pencil jets built in to rinse away dirt and grime as you scrub, cutting down on ladder work time. The pole has enough hose to reach from the brush to the hose coming from the purification system.

Strip Washer:

The strip washer sleeve we use to clean glass has both amazing water retention and scrubbing power. The strip washer has two abrasive pads, one on each end, for scrubbing stubborn spots.

White Abrasive Pad:

Abrasive Material – Aluminum Oxide


Cleaning, Debri Removal




Very Fine

Pad Material:



Light Duty


Hand Pad


The Scotch-Brite™ Light Cleansing Hand Pad 7445 is an excellent choice when we require a mild abrasive. The conformable web and fine mineral are the perfect pairing when we need a gentle touch for light cleaning or a fine finish.


  • Ideal for gentle cleaning on vinyl, porcelain and other delicate surfaces
  • Light-duty non-woven pad performs light cleaning on a variety of glass & metals as well as wax mold deflashing
  • Very mild abrasive provides gentle yet thorough cleaning
  • Conformable web and fine mineral are excellent for fine finishes
  • Performance is similar to steel wool grade 0000 without rusting or splintering
  • Works well with liquid detergents


We Require a Solar Mod Glass Waiver to be signed by building owner or contractor releasing mod cleaner from Any Preexisting Liability For Scratches or Defects, Etc. on solar mod glass.


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